Julia Kay

Juliette is a spectacular coach with the credentials, life experience, and ability to provide a true and sacred space. Juliette listens with compassion and insight which allows me to truly dive deep into becoming a better wife, mother, entrepreneur and person overall. Because of Juliette’s coaching abilities, my life balance is more on point, my business is thriving and my relationships are truly meaningful. Anything is possible with the incredible support that Juliette provides! I highly recommend Juliette as your Life Coach! -Julia Kay

Maria Mejia

Juliette is amazing! I've made the decision to invest in myself and realized that opportunities for growth and success are endless. It's great to work with someone who is a trained professional to keep me accountable but also inspires me to believe in myself because she genuinely believes in me. If you've been wanting change/growth and not sure how to go about it, she is a wonderful person to help you navigate the journey. -Maria Mejia

Cassie Joughin

With her purposeful questions and my genuine answers we were able to create a clear focus and inspired action steps that I was excited to implement and ready to take. The value has been immeasurable and I’ve been able to use methods I’ve learned from her to help overcome challenges even after our sessions have ended. 

It’s with Juliette that I really started to bravely create my own desires, intentions, and wants. - Cassie Joughin

Diane Abella

Juliette has an amazing way of supporting women and meeting them where they are at.  Juliette makes self-care something that any woman can do, regardless of their personal situation.  Rather than lecture, Juliette supports both individuals and groups of women with honesty, compassion, and grace. I can't thank Juliette enough for what she has done for me. –Diane Abella

Suzy C.

Juliette has been integral in helping me stretch my comfort zone, set and work towards new goals in my personal development. Her gentle but effective coaching has helped me grow and I enjoy working with Juliette. Juliette is a great coach! She is constantly working to provide new content and find creative ways to meet her group’s needs. Juliette makes it feel good to work on yourself! –Suzy C.