Debbie Aguilar

"I am so grateful to have met Juliette and gotten to be a part of her Facebook groups and coaching!

She is very kind and what I like best are the questions she asks that help me to dig deeper and stop and think things through. In her groups I feel a lot of acceptance, like I can be who I truly am, and feel safe, and that helps me to be more open to share and grow. I love that it's okay to be where we each are, and also, that we are lovingly encouraged to see ways that we might try in order to have our lives better.

I am learning that it's okay to be me, and to have my own boundaries and needs and that taking care of myself is a good thing!

Juliette is a very supportive and genuinely caring life coach, who bends over backwards to help her ladies feel accepted and encouraged and supported, and she is always seeking out new ways to help her clients."

-Debbie Aguilar