Cassie Joughin

Originally I struggled with the idea of spending money on time with Juliette for my own purposes. Having heard that we need to care for ourselves primarily to become the best carer thereafter. But I was frightened to justify the value. I subsequently won time with Juliette and during the journey I was able to get clear so quickly it almost made my head spin.

I quickly put money down for her time.

With her purposeful questions and my genuine answers we were able to create a clear focus and inspired action steps that I was excited to implement and ready to take.

The value has been immeasurable and I’ve been able to use methods I’ve learned from her to help overcome challenges even after our sessions have ended.

I’m about to start a new job with parameters that suit me perfectly. My friends can’t believe what a lucky girl I am.

It’s with Juliette that I really started to bravely create my own desires, intentions, and wants.

It’s great to chase your dreams but if you’re still at the start line looking for some dream goal posts, I highly recommend time with Juliette. With her help, you will become the more amazing version of yourself.